Mary Gillett, CD(DONA)

Certified Birth Doula

How does a doula help during labor?


1. Recognizes that your birth experience is one of life's most important events that you will remember all of your life.

2.  Understands the many choices you have and can help you write a birth plan or a list of your preferences in giving birth and welcoming your baby into your family.

3.  Provides emotional support for you before, during, and after your labor and birth.

4.  Provides or suggests physical comfort measures that she and your partner can give during labor and birth, such as massage, breathing exercises, and position changes.

5.  Gives you an objective view of your labor.  A doula has the experience of many labors and can help you understand how your labor is progressing.

6.  Knows what to do during long or difficult labors.  She can give many suggestions that help you cope and help your labor progress.

7.  Communicates with your birth partner.  She helps him or her understand the labor process and can give him or her many suggestions on how to give support during labor and birth.

8.  Helps you communicate with your caregivers, and may suggest questions for you to ask your caregivers.

9.  Helps you and your partner get off to a great start as new parents.  I can also recommend certified post-partum doulas who offer support in the early weeks of parenting.

10.  Gives you one-on-one attention.  Her total role is to "be there for you" and help you have the best possible birthing experience.