Mary Gillett, CD(DONA)

Certified Birth Doula

Water Birth

Laboring and giving birth in the tub is a fantastic coping mechanism with many benefits.  Read more here:

I have been trained to support water birth, and I offer rental of my own tub and all supplies for an additional fair cost. Details can be found under the "fees and more" portion of this website.   I will supply the LaBassine pool and new liner and skim, and all pumps, hoses and adapters.  I will take responsibility for the set up, clean up and break down of the pool.

At Women's Hospital water birth is only offered by a health care provider who has been specially credentialed, so discuss this with your care provider early and make sure there are no contraindications or policies that would prevent getting the birth that your have set your heart on (this includes laboring in the water, as well as planning a water birth.)  Also, Women's Hospital requires a class that you will need to work into your schedule.

One last hint - in the final weeks of you pregnancy you may discuss various interventions or issue that come up.  You should always include one question in your conversations with your provider - "How will this affect my ability to water birth?"